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by Sanja Kljaic

Since the dawn of the twentieth century, the world more and more has been in the wave of spiritual energy that precedes the re-embodiment of the Aquarian Avatar.


The solar system has now entered the sphere of Aquarius, and therefore everything will slowly but surely start to vibrate in tune with that atmosphere.


The water bearer pours forth the waters of wisdom, reminding us to never relinquish our powers to kings, priests, lords and gurus and to always follow our dreams.

The word Aquarius is derived from the same root as aqua, which is Latin for water. Their metal is uranium, their stone is amethyst, and their color is blue. The meaning of Aquarius is water-bearer, masculine, fixed Air. Its glyph looks like water, but it can also be seen as waves of vibration. She holds the cup in her hand, inclined downward, and is constantly pouring aqua pura, or purified water of life, out of it. The water it pours represents an infusion of knowledge from the inner onto the outer world

Like the water-bearer who represents this sign, by their very nature, Aquarius thinks with a youthfulness that holds the key to awakening the unawakened mind. The wanderer in them yearns to crumble the old paradigm so that they can look beyond the small and limited self - to the greater ‘I Am’ that is the entire universe.

Children of Airy space have characteristics such as perception, reform, idealism, and originality. They are not put off by the strange or unknown and are fascinated by the unexpected. They do not fold their wings to fit a mold. Nor do they fear to breathe that which is boundless in them.

Many of the world's noblest and most outstanding characters were born when the Sun was in Aquarius. These characters have not come to form any following or singular belief, nor are they interested in the schools, religions, and sects of today or the particular beliefs of anyone. The murky pool of conformity, tradition, and opinions held by our forebears are quickly discarded by the Aquarian. All those “cages” are obstacles that render the mind incapable of thinking freely.

In astrological lore, one of the interpretations of Aquarius is that it has to do with friends. The statement that Aquarius relates to friends refers first and foremost to the friend within. One's best friend is the Soul within. The kind of treatment this best friend receives depends, of course, upon one's physical and mental reactions. Therefore, Shakespeare's splendid advice, “to thine own self be true,” seems very appropriate here. 

Aquarius stands in front of the 11th portal of our human psyche as an ardent defender of the free spirit. Their galactic teacher, Uranus, triggers our collective ascension. The sphere of Uranus, boisterously, seeks to make way for an intriguingly new human who thinks, feels, and acts on a higher, more enlightened level.

The famous slogan, “get there first” and “learn to get what you want,” will resonate less and less for our collective because the era of Aquarius represents the collective itself. Aquarius is interested in the welfare of others and lives by the principle: the only victory is a victory for all.

In light of all that has been written here relative to this sign, we would love to share with you some channeled messages for the divine plan of the age of Aquarius: 

Think of the Aquarius in your chart as a portal opening a new “flowers in our hair” movement. (Not the LSD-taking movement because we won’t need to go on a trip out of the body to align with the cosmic self, instead, it’s about settling more into the body, into the Earth, present within the system given to us by Gaia.) To align with the Aquarian archetype in our chart is to align with the divine esoteric wisdom that dwells in the pockets of our nervous system. Internal authority, intuition, and the Soul's guidance are preferred. External authority is dissolved.

Because the water of Aquarius needs to flow in a perpetual progression, increasingly, many people will tune in to start creating and refining their dreams and goals. Progress will require us to be faced with these questions:

 Soul, what do you want to express through me? Does this path have a heart? How does it serve the collective?

The old world, where you hide your truth to squeeze yourself into a scene that has nothing to do with who you are, will slowly dissolve.

Presently Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is in Taurus. At this time, the Earth's balance is kept in check by this mighty cosmic power. Anyone can see the Earth itself is expanding, changing, and upgrading. Hence the insane influx of energy we are all receiving. Our Gaia is very resourceful and, once again, is asking to be purified, restored, and refreshed.

As Uranus the Great governs electrical excitation within the nervous system, in the years to come, the nervous system of our collective will go through an evolutionary jump. The lines of downloads trickle down from invisible channels of our Soul through the nervous system, so keeping clean, clear, and grounded within your own energy field is essential. The remedy for this is nature, peace, and disconnecting.  

Uranus emanates divine rays of activation. It strikes like electricity, blasting the foundations of the old to make way for the new. We might feel that we are wobbling through these temporary chaotic rearrangements. But we need not fear because whatever is happening wants to serve our growth, not the other way around. If we are asking and wishing for something, it's logical that various rearrangements in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms must follow through with that asking. 

The position of Uranus in the stellar chart of any individual is the key, whereby new and decisive changes will be made.




Happy Birthday, Ayn Rand! Thank you for introducing the philosophy of Objectivism. Fundamental to Rand’s work, Objectivism holds that the universe is open to human achievement and happiness and that each person can live a rich, fulfilling, independent life.



Full Moon in Leo, the house of children and creative self-expression. Where are you leaving tangible evidence of your existence? What creative ideas are you bringing to and adding to your workings?



Day of St. Valentine. This young priest was sentenced to death for marrying young lovers in secret. In jail, Valentine fell in love with his jailer’s daughter, who visited him in prison. Before his death, Valentine sent a letter to the girl signed “from Your Valentine.”


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