Jun 21 — Jul 22



Astro portrait

by Sanja Kljaic

We journey into the realm where the life force of Cancer draws its breath.

With each astrological archetype we encounter a spiritual power in the form of being-like intelligence. The celestial signs of the shining zodiac are designed to dwell within you, to move, to assist, to progress your unique embodiment and crystalline expression.
As we get closer to the living, breathing intelligence of the Cancer archetype, we tap into the astral-lunar region of our collective mythology.
Cancer, the house of the Moon, is the fourth archetype of the cosmic initiations, the Divine spark, metaphorically speaking. Its metal is silver, its stone the pearl, and its color is white.

In Plato’s philosophy Cancer is known as the house of the Great Mother herself. She represents the womb, a pulsating vortex of life, that is the force behind all creation. A force that doesn't seek to judge, it just observes. Where we meet Cancer and it's ruler the Moon, in our chart, we are invited to utilize their extraordinary powers of observation, receptivity, and reproduction.
The Moon lures us into her subconscious waters to activate our light codes
embedded deep within the psyche. Some things are hidden from us for a reason, they sit under the light of the Moon, a moon that houses a psychic world of super-sensual perception.
It is interesting to observe that, Cancers, from early childhood, have a sense of some work which they are to do. Like Tesla, the genius who lit the world, Cancers possess a tremendous control of and connection to imagery. They have a sense of being in contact with something higher than themselves which uses them as instruments for the service of their fellow beings.
Beneath their dreamy nature, the archetype of Cancer possesses immense independence of mind and courage of their own convictions because they are balanced with great compassion and common sense.

When the energy of this archetype, collectively, begins to swirl around us, we begin to feel the pull through the heart chakra, this could be some kind of strong telepathic connection to home: soul contract, parallel lives, family tribe, soulmates, twin flames. With Cancer we open a portal of the fourth house where the focus is on intuitive knowledge, on how something feels, a deep connection to what is true, but which cannot be fully formulated into words.

Here we are learning how to give birth to ourselves, to look wisely, to see clearly, to speak kindly, and heal deeply.

If you find yourself in a situation where a path of action doesn’t fully function, and where everything of certainty and clarity is out of reach, the archetype of cardinal Cancer is inviting you to step into the flow of love and become a loving parent to yourself.

Since all things are nourished by the celestial sphere of Cancer, we invite you to pause for a moment and harness the power of this zodiac.


Place your left hand on your heart, then place your right hand on your belly.




Using your mind’s eye choose a time in the past when you were a very, very little, small child.


Notice your little fingers, and soft caring hands.


This young child is foolishly wise, and uninhibited. She is here to remind you to embrace feelings because feelings are a vessel through which messages flow.

Give this little one the space to share any emotion with you.

She might show you colors, numbers, gestures, and symbols to give you guidance. It can come in many ways: sometimes you need to listen, other times it’s an intuitive feeling, sometimes it will be obvious and other times it will be subtle.


As you connect, to this pure joy of you, allow her to show you even more of your potential to you.


Give each other lots of love and reassurance and as this feeling becomes stronger say to yourself:


“Dear you, I open myself to the Divinity of you”.




Solstice. This is a powerful moment when new Light Codes are received, feel thought it and anchor yourself in love.



The Full Moon in Capricorn.



Honoring Goddess of the Moon.


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