Dec 22nd - Jan 19th



Astro portrait

by Sanja Kljaic

You’re not trapped.
You haven’t failed.
You’re not too late.
Nothing is wrong with you.
Close your eyes. Listen.
There is only now. Just now.

“There is no shortcut. I am no accident. People like to say it’s natural. It’s not so. You have to practice, and you have to study.” - Miles Davis

The Sun has now reached the gates of heaven, and this month we find ourselves in a portal of stars where the being-like intelligence of Capricorn dwells.

The mountain goat is one of the most powerful and mysterious signs of the ancient zodiac. During the time of Plato, Capricorn constellation was considered to be the Gate of the Gods. Platonists believed that the souls of all men released from the body and ascended through this constellation into heaven.

Capricorn, the house of Saturn, is a feminine, and receptive cardinal earth sign. The traditional description of the Saturnine influence stresses restriction and limitations. However, we feel ourselves capable of sufficiently understanding the mystical side of Saturn and would like to use this write-up to freely expand on different concepts of this sacred outpouring.

Saturn is the most powerful prana life-force energy that descending into the three-dimensional world. This tidal flood of heavenly power stands for truth, stability, honest values, honor, and integrity. Where trust does not exist, there can be no stability. Saturn binds and limits within a certain radius to create solidity, support, and foundation. Without the vibration of Saturn in nature, nothing could hold together. Cohesion would not exist. Matter is teeming with life, and life cannot manifest without matter.

Through the Saturn state of mind, we learn to appreciate some form of self-discipline. Saturn is determined to bring us to our goal if, and only if we develop the consciousness of patience and perseverance. Big vision requires focus; focus and dedication equal gain, which in turn equals mastery.

Capricorn understands that adversaries and trials are here so that we can grow in our advancement. With Capricorn and its ruler Saturn we learn practicality in action. If we seek, we will evolve, and Saturn will show us just how far we’ve evolved in the physical realm. We also learn to stay focused on where we need to go and to be very discriminating with whom or what we give our time to because time is valuable. Time is precious.

Capricorn rules the tenth house of our human psyche, the place of recognized achievement. Her metal is lead, her stone is garnet, and her color is charcoal gray. Capricorn’s search for public recognition is not a goal in and of itself but connects them into a larger picture of social commitment and service to the collective that reenforces their sense of self as a part of the greater whole.

In their journey for discovery, Capricorn brings with them terrific judgment, wide-ranging knowledge, and exciting ideas. Acts such as sharing wisdom and experiences appeal deeply to the natives of this sign. Capricorns are very aware of the effect their words have on others. They love to share the wisdom they have gained and skills they’ve developed because they know that, as humans, this is what we do best - share what we can afford so that we can pull each other up as we pursue dreams, goals, and desires that we set for ourselves.

Ultimately, the most important discovery for Capricorn is the vital basis of their inner life and value which provides rich rewards as they consciously begin to experience these inner depths of their being. Capricorns contain a depth of passion, and their mission, in life, is to manifest their inherent love of excellence in all strivings.

It is interesting to note that Capricorns understand the drift of things; they don’t force things to happen; they patiently wu wei (effortless action) their way up the mountain. Have you ever seen a mountain goat climbing a large steep hill? Perhaps this very gesture of climbing ahead inspired the ancients to link Capricorn with the human knee. Of all the bodily parts involved in movement, this is the one that is completely indispensable to climbing.

We heartily recommend watching a mountain goat in action so that you can feel into to the archetype of Capricorn within yourself. But for now, we would love to leave you to meditate over a very curious statement concerning the Daoist doctrine wu wei. It is made by one of our favorite Capricornus philosophers Alan Watts. May these words gently awaken within you what you already know in your core to be true.

Wu Wei is the principal of not forcing in anything that you do.

Now we know when we watch any performance of an artist be it a dancer or an actor or a musician we know immediately when the performance is forced and we say it doesn’t ring true, it’s too artificial, it doesn’t seem to be natural.
There is a time for action. When you study Judo, you use muscle only at the right moment. When your opponent is haplessly overextended and off balance.
But only then. You never use muscle at the wrong moment. The Wu Wei is the art of sailing rather than the art of rowing. It’s not a matter of cultivated passivity or even of cultivated spontaneity. It’s a matter of not forcing anything to happen.
Be in the knowing that there is a timing for everything to happen and fructify in life. Because there is something called the flow of life which we need to be aware of. You may achieve this state of flow now, in this moment. Just of for the time being let’s simplify.




Merry Christmas! Christmas owes its roots to the ancient Roman holiday of Saturnalia - a pagan festival. Most Christians celebrate the holiday commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ on this day in the Gregorian calendar.



Happy day of the New Year! We wish that you are madly blessed with all the things your heart desires. May you live in peace with your Soul, who has the power of the million suns.



New Moon in Capricorn. Time for planting new seeds and setting new intentions.


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