Hand-hammered Tibetan Singing Bowl


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Hand-hammered Brass Tibetan singing bowl featuring organic texture with traditional wooden and suede mallets. Singing bowls are traditional in Buddhist rituals and are used to clear spaces, enhance meditation, regulate the body, and deepen relaxation. The sound waves generated by the bowls radiate frequencies that align with the body's needs.

Each bowl is attuned to the note of one of the main seven chakras in the human body. When played, the sound of the bowl flows through your aura and cleanse your personal energy.

This bowl is the vibration Note C: in Vedic practice, this resonates with the Root Chakra. Root chakra singing bowls have the intention to ground, secure, and uplift one's spirit. 

*How to use: Hold the bowl in the center of your palm and firmly press the mallet in a circular motion against the bowl's outside edge or rim. When you hear a clear tone, you can slow down or speed up the motion. Focus on using your full arm in the motion and not just your wrist.

✦ Sound Note C: Vedic Root Chakra / Tibetan 2nd Sacral

✦ Bowl measures 4 inches round x 2 inches tall 

✦ Wooden mallet measures about 5 inches long x 1 inches round

Authentically made in Tibet

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Serenity Tibet Objects Tibetan Singing Bowl Serenity Tibet Objects Tibetan Singing Bowl