We exist to inspire transcendental purchasing. We want your entire being to resonate with our design, culture and story.


Founded by Norwegian designer Bjørg Nordli-Mathisen. After being raised in the northern region of Norway, beyond the arctic circle, Bjørg developed a unique attention to light + form. Her jewelry often references + returns to the textures of the seaside and mountains of her childhood. BJØRG strives to uphold a sustainable and ethical practice in every aspect of production - all jewelry is handmade with materials that are 100% natural and obtained in accordance to environmental preservation standards.

CW Designs

A collection of original designs by Child of Wild. We travel the world sourcing unique symbols, totems and historical designs to recreate into jewelry.

Cashmere Cactus

Inspired by the desert, the divine feminine, and her Moroccan roots, Kiki Tahiri, owner and designer of Cashmere Cactus, hand makes each piece of jewelry with love in Arizona. She believes that jewelry transcends aesthetic and gives power to the wearer's intentions and vibration.

Civil Alchemy

Civil Alchemy is a lifestyle company offering functional, quality, and inspired goods. Civil Alchemy prides itself on being an open place of inspiration, variety, and community with an ever changing product list, as well as ongoing workshops that showcase the possibilities of the store’s goods and materials.

Cleopatra's Bling

Cleopatra’s Bling was born from an adoration of travel, the ethereal, and the symbolic. A fusion of eastern allure and western style. Dreamed up in Paris, designer Olivia moved to Turkey to learn the art of adornment in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul.


Handmade in NY by Yeha and Alejandro

Dream Lion Incense

Dream Lion Incense strives for quality products. Their collection of incense is made of natural aromatic woods, resins, flowers, and sap. Their incense cones are made by hand one at a time making each cone unique. The incense sticks are made with grade-A resin organic flowers, roots, and herbs. we hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them. Located in Austin, Texas, USA.


Creating a product line for sacred rituals, Incausa’s products are pure, potent, and purposeful. Made with divine intention to support Indigenous heritage and sovereignty, they cultivate opportunities to connect authentic artisans to retailers.

Indigenous Peoples of Northern America

A collection of pieces that showcase the uniquely divine craftsmanship of authentic Native Artisans. Known for their strong spirituality and connection to the earth, all designs have a heritage and history. Formally identified as Native American, the first people of this land expanded throughout Mexico and Canada before country lines were drawn.

J. Alexander Rustic

J. Alexander Rustic Silver items are handmade one at a time in Dallas, Texas owned and operated by interior designer, Jason Lenox. Each piece is crafted with German Silver by hand-tooled artisans using techniques that have been around for generations inspired by 1900 southwestern stamp work.

J.Southern Studio

Inspired by crystal healing and candle magic(k) philosophies, traditional herbal smoke, and the use of aromatherapy and essential oils, each Ritual kit is made to encourage a connection to one's personal spirituality through ceremony and ritual with the natural world, and can generally be integrated with any tradition or belief system you practice. The components in our kits are thoughtfully, sustainably, and respectfully sourced from its place or people of origin, typically from small, local farms, private land, or companies based in the United States. These Ritual kits are designed to aid the beginning spiritual practitioner.


Slow jewelry for the Mythical + inspired by the Ancients. Handmade in Barcelona, Spain.

La Kaiser

Swiss native, Cindy Kaiser, designs and manufactures her jewelry locally between Chicago and Los Angeles, donating a percentage of her profits to charity and drawing on her colorful travels and European adventures for design inspiration.

Mithras Candles

Mithras Candles was born in the heart of Philadelphia inspired by a diverse range of sources - from art school, a countercultural upbringing, a passion for nature, and over a decade of exposure to connections between science, light, health, and mysticism. Candle maker Ben works along side spiritual guide Sochi, as they strive to find more ways to integrate candle culture back into the zeitgeist while including elements of mystical tradition and Earth honoring rituals.

Magic of I

The Magic of I shares a myriad of guides that connect our day to day lives with universal realms. Curated for those ready to move on from being a mere bystander of reality and ready to become a full participant in life. Their higher purpose is to share tools of interconnectedness, to live with awareness in alignment with the earth and the cosmos.

Matriarch Candles

Based out of Los Angeles, California, Matriarch offers an abundance of fresh + gorgeous floral arrangements. Aside from curating stunning floral arrangements, they also offer a myriad of candles + self care products.

Moon Nectar Apothecary

Moon Nectar is handcrafted with focused intentions for healing and actualizing optimal physical and spiritual well-being. Each product contains all-natural ingredients from the earth with inspiration from ancient healing practices. Gem Essence are vibrational gem oils that provide properties from each gemstone and essential oil blends. They excrete a vibrational frequency of each stone and are to be used with intention.

Nakawé Trading

Nakawé is a homewares and jewelry brand based in Byron Bay, Australia and Sayulita, Mexico. Nakawé works with indigenous Mexican artisans to bring to you a thoughtful collection of 100% handmade products using fair trade practices.

Often Wander Candles

All candles are made with 100% organic and eco-friendly soy wax, creating a smooth and creamy soy candle that burns slow and clean. Candles are made in small batches in Ocean Beach, San Diego, California using quality essential and fragrance oils.


Designer Daren Thomas Magee is based in Ojai, California and a freelance illustrator, muralist and graphic designer. His inspiration comes from many sources, natural and supernatural. His work speaks to the space between imagination and reality, in hopes it leaves you to float off in that liminal space into someplace entirely new.

School Of Life Design

Founded in 2010 by Kelly Cree and Jessica Mullen with the intention to promote and share a framework for personal growth, development, and alchemy. Their curriculum aids in the process of building personal prosperity and harnessing the creative power of thought and emotion. Their offerings include manifestation pamphlets, intuition and clairvoyance guides, gratitude and self love practices, and an abundance of so much more.

Studio Grun

Studio Grun believes in the adventurers' spirit, the desire to constantly discover and that the road less traveled is always the best road to take. Out of these ideals, Miami native Tanya Gruenberg, was inspired to create a line of distinctive, high-quality pieces from recycled metal and natural gemstones.

The Hollow Valley

Created by illustrator and witch, Erin Alise. Her work is designed and cultivated to guide creative witches with clarity on their purpose and keep them inspired through uncertain times. Based in the unceded territory of the Cherokee and Shawnee nations, Erin also runs The Hollow Valley Coven, which is a community space focused on solo-practicing witches building community and esoteric/spiritual knowledge through powerful conversation.

Temple of the Sun

Based in vibrant Byron Bay, Australia, Temple Of The Sun jewelry draws on a deep appreciation for both ancient European symbology and contemporary design to craft styles that are all at once desirable, timeless and unique.

Wilde House Paper

Wilde House Paper is a sustainable lifestyle paper goods collection created in California. They seek to keep sustainability at the forefront of their processes. "We hope that this space can serve as a place of inspiration in your daily lives as well as a place that we can all be reminded to slow down to enjoy this journey called life that we are all on.

Wildthings Collectables

Inspired by the tough and sweet girls. Amsterdam designed pieces made with real craftsmanship in Bali, Indonesia.