July 22 - Aug 23



Astro portrait

by Sanja Kljaic

Leos are here to remind us that our dna is celestial, that we come from the far away stars.

When the Sun passes through the entourage of stars that form the constellation of Leo, collectively we might find ourselves with an impulse to take another step further within this endless spiral of Creation.

In our quest for knowledge and understanding of who we are, our journey has led us to a quintessential portal of light stars, these stars form the constellation of Leo. 

Leo is the house of the Sun and as a Solar being carries the masculine, initiating energies restoring and reigniting the flame hidden deep within most hearts. Just as the Sun is the heart of the solar system, so is the human heart the sun of our organism. When the fiery awareness of Spirit burns in the heart, admiration is reflected out and flows outward to all of creation.

With respect to magical and religious powers, Lions are merged with human Gods, they are protectors of Pharaohs, and bodhisattvas of transcendental wisdom. Their crown is their built-in halo of connection to their cosmic lineage; the line of David and the Kings. 

Leo’s metal is gold, its stone the diamond, its color is golden which, of course, is the symbol of the Sun. There is a very specific reason why the ancients assigned the garments of this color as a sign of grandeur and nobility. A golden clothing is assigned to the King of Heaven, as a sign of his pre-eminence. 

Have you ever wondered why we rest our eyes on statues and images of cats, lions, and other fabulous felines? Because we want to internalize their image. As we are internalizing these images, we give them a place in our conscious mind. Here, tremendous life force energy merges with ardor and courage, exhibiting heroic qualities that are used for creating, conserving, and protecting.

In ancient lore this sign is said to be the fifth house, the house of involuntary expansion of the soul, wherein strong desire manifests through passion and instinct. The ever-present creative life force energy residing in this house, responds to impulses which must come to birth in the form of creation and/or procreation.

Leos spiritual assignment is to place you into the hands of the Living God that manifest in you.

As a fixed fire sign, this archetype is revealed not in the absolute perfection of a work but in absolute fidelity to themselves, in commitment to their own passion. The archetype of Leo, in our chart, will show us how we can weave our own story, weave it by ourselves to our own taste and out of reach of questioning eyes. After all, it is like Maya Angelou said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

When the Sun passes through the entourage of stars that form the constellation of Leo, collectively we might find ourselves with an impulse to take another step further within this endless spiral of Creation. Brewing with divine energy Leo announces that the time of enlightenment is over, it’s the time of self-realization.

From here on in, we would like to invite you to gently move into connection with the breathing intelligence of the Leo archetype.

All humans dream but the same dream, the dream of actualizing one’s full potential, the archetype of Leo inherently knows how to open our eyes to this dream.

Give yourself the space to wait, rest and reset.


If possible, lie down on the grass with your arms wide open, palms facing up.


Breathe the light from the Sun into the body and choose life for every cell.


In your mind’s eye, hold the image of two benevolent lion beings, standing strong and proud one on each side of you.


Become aware of their beautiful face, their hair blowing in the wind and the Infinity sign floating above their heads.


They have no fear, no hesitation, and no doubt.


They hold pure healing intent offering you the very essence of the Sun.


Feel yourself unwinding into the golden light of their life-power.


They ask you to be totally consumed in the action of the present, to surrender to your soul, today, this hour, this minute.


Softly, as you bend more and more to the presence of your soul, you will find yourself igniting your vital force, regaining personal sovereignty and the freedom that comes with it.


As you do this exercise, repeat these words:

“I take comfort in my own solitude and follow the impulse of my Heart, the Master of my Being”.


Stretch you whole body and feel the rays of the Sun warm your entire being.


The Sun’s rays are now shining forth from your own aura.


Thank the Lion beings for holding the space for you.




The day of the cosmic archangel Auriel (Uriel). Archangels are powerful because they have been the longest in the collective memory. Invoke Auriel when you need strength and courage to say no to someone or something if it does not feel right.



Gnostic celebration of Black Madonna, the original mother of Earth's children. She is the vessel of the sacred feminine and holds major lessons for anyone seeking higher consciousness.



Full Moon in Aquarius. We receive insights through our nerves, Aquarius rules the nervous system. Be ready for a rise in consciousness. Tap into the intelligence of Nature and keep yourself firmly connected to the Earth.


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  2. Edvard Munch — The Heart (Das Herz), 1899
  3. Duchamp — A Biography by Calvin Tomkins MoMA, 1996/2014

Sanja Kljaic, by calling, is a dealer in words and the visionary behind Stellar Unfolding.

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