Layered Collection

L A Y E R E D  C O L L E C T I O N 

Dainty layers of gold, stacks of chain and chunks of heavy metal.

Shop FEMME little layers from our newest dainty brands. All handmade in the US.

The stoned CollectionS T O N E D  C O L L E C T I O N

Turn on, Tune in and Drop out into our collection of dainty natural stones. Trip out to our psychedelic rainbow moonstone, acid trip opal and groovin' turquoise.


summer solstice S U M M E R  S O L S T I C E
Jewelry for the dreamers and woodland nymphs
all but a midsummers's night dream


Black Magic Trends
B L A C K  M A G I C
Spell bound to the Black magic in your bones.   
Spirits rest within the onyx eyes and crystal paradigms of their lovers and relics.   
Let them dance with the voodoo vixens.  
Let them waltz between vintage stones on all you creatures of the night.  


Opal Cosmos TrendsO P A L  C O S M O S
Dive into the Opal Cosmos of all seeing skies and champagne supernovas .
Take a dip in kaleidoscopic prisms and pastel provisions. Trace the lines on heaven’s hand with ancient opaline secrets and divine iridescence.


Brass Vibes Trends
B R A S S  V I B E S
Vintage metals for the Brass Babes .
Inspired by rusty eras and star dusty vibes .