Crystal Mushroom

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Our little cult of Crystal Mushrooms have been the cutest addition to our Child of Wild family. We fully believe in the power of mushroom healing and all the abundant energy forces that they provide. These mushrooms are available in Dalmation Jasper, Obsidian, Quartz Crystal, Howlite, Blue Jasper, and Shungite.

Dalmation Jasper — Helps strengthen a deep connection with Mother Earth, while also channeling one's personal life within the physical realm. This unique mineral provides the necessary tools needed along any journey.

Obsidian — Obsidian is highly vibrational and said to be one of the most protective + truth-enhancing gemstones. Obsidian assists in grounding, clarifying the mind and releasing emotional blockages built up in the body. A great stone to use when manifesting and meditating.

Quartz — Known as the 'Master Healer' because of its ability to absorb, store, and release all negative energies in a physical space, metaphysical body, or spiritual mind.

Howlite — A calming stone used to balance communication, eliminate stress + anger, enhance spiritual awareness, and encourage emotional expression.

Blue Jasper — A highly tranquil stone that alleviates stress levels and amplifies connection to auras and spirit. Carry this stone with you in your pocket in moments of amplified energy or stress.

Sungite — An ancient rock formation believed to be about two billion years old and absorbs its abilities through the elements of our primitive Earth. Shungite is highly carbon-rich and has the potency to reduce the force of electromagnetic frequency emissions (EMFs) from computers, electrical grids, wi-fi signals, cell phones, and other appliances.

✦ Mushrooms measure 1.5 inches tall

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