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Astro portrait

by Sanja Kljaic

There is a whole world of trippy cornucopia out there, and Gemini is open to tasting it and touching it.

The Sun, on its journey, now enters into the sign of Gemini. Gemini is the house of Mercury. Their metal is Mercury, their color is yellow, and their chosen stone is citrine, amongst many others.

Metaphysically, Mercury is mind; physiologically, the cerebrospinal system—the nerves; chemically, it is quicksilver. As a messenger, Mercury is a god of oratory. He possesses the mental powers necessary to become a good speaker who voices the truth.

Within the constellation Gemini are two stars: Castro and Pollux. They are a twinned soul, which means they are a conjunction of two in one mind. Castro dwells in the heavenly realm while Pollux stays on earth. Together they form an androgynous divine reality.

For Gemini, the sacred way of being by excellence is androgyny. Androgyny is the ‘opposites’ within which is the original condition of the human being. But what does that mean? The answer is very personal, and you, dear reader, must discover it yourself. Mircea Eliade gives us a hint when he speaks of androgyny in his famous essay. “Mephistopheles and the Androgyne.” He claims that androgyny is the identifying sign or the mark of the Divine, a defining trait of the gods. The divine is imaged in the two: the dark and the light. The dark stimulates human activity and thus inadvertently promotes the divine purpose. Which ones are they?  Both, of course. Playful as it sounds, this gives us a lot of insight into the deeper meaning of Gemini.

In Gemini, the soul is learning to cope with the Air element of the androgynous mind for the first time. The element of Air is volatile and cannot be captured in a solid form. The flexibility of Air gives the natives of this sign an unfathomable, highly imaginative flair.

Their mind is a brain-melting field of unimaginable possibility where thoughts, reason, perception, intelligence, intuition, and expression assemble and intertwine. Have you ever noticed the lucidity with which Gemini speaks and writes of matters otherwise difficult to express in words? Their words have a voice, they are like an omen calling out to us. Perhaps this is because the ancients have assigned Gemini to operate analytically and rule over language and the mind.

Let’s not forget, they are two in one mind, which means their thoughts can sometimes travel faster than the speed of light. Can anything in the universe travel faster than the light? Imaginably, the mind of Gemini can.

However, aware they are about the world; Gemini comforts the innocence of the child that everyone has. They are drawn to two things primarily: the pleasure of idle curiosity; and to whatever or whoever enlarges their field of freedom. Gemini loves those who can give them the adrenaline rush, those who make them have an out-of-body experience. If you can be a combination of a stimulant, tranquilizer, and hallucinogen, Gemini will fly with you, takes off with you, evolve with you, and land with you.

What is the secret of their beauty? Their spontaneity. Gemini contains double the spark of passion, and they transmute this passion into inquisitive enthusiasm. There is a whole world of trippy cornucopia out there, and Gemini is open to tasting it and touching it.

We all contain a certain kind of “thing” at the core of our existence. For Gemini, this thing, this heat source that runs them from within, is the need to constantly evolve, freely, at their own speed, sometimes swiftly, sometimes slowly, many times returning to basics to relearn

old lessons. Through the Gemini state of mind, we learn how to implement the following notion: le monde sensible est le monde de l’expression*. “Follow your inner moonlight,” Allen Ginsberg* said, “don't hide the madness, for everything that is really great, and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.” The quote, in this context, is Ginsberg’s advice on self-expression.

Ginsberg, the father of the Beat Generation, embodied the Gemini archetype splendidly. He created the “new language” and used poetry to express himself and fight for a more exciting and open society. Like a true Gemini, Ginsberg moved quickly in thought and deed. He was familiar with the nuances of artistic expression. His counterculture theories were interesting and greatly influenced society.

A man who is truly interesting has a manner of making the things themselves speak. They take highly evolved concepts, the patterns of cultural experiences, and attitudes that exist in our mainstream society and update them so that they can appeal to younger generations. They optimize, they change things, they change themselves, all this in a blink of an eye.

“Don't hide the madness, for everything that is really great, and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.” - Allen Ginsberg

And so, having expanded freely on the subject of Gemini, we warmly invite you to link up with the starry vibration of Gemini through a symbolic practice of paper burning.

The mind is constantly at work, even if our body is resting. Naturally, the mind (Mercury) works much faster than the body. When the workings of the mind become too dominant, the Mercury atmosphere turns detrimental, restless, and harshly critical.

If you feel unable to find peace in your mind, take a piece of paper and write about the things that are bothering you. Draw on your writing powers to solve this and be genuinely honest with yourself through this process.

Once you are finished rampaging, find a safe place, fold your paper four times, place it in your burning bowl, and burn it to ashes. As you watch the paper burn, say to yourself the following words:

“I release you now. Go in freedom. May peace be with you and with me.”

The principle of destruction and creation is the basis of all alchemical processes. And so, when we put things in writing (Gemini), we solidify them (Saturn). When we burn things down, we purify them (Pluto). Here we are activating the archetype of Gemini and Scorpio simultaneously.

May this practice help you remove some of the programming that is in the way.




New Moon in Gemini



Summer Solstice. In honor of Solstice, invest a few dollars in a beautiful journal and script about your ideal life. Imagine every realm of your life as a cosmic mind. It will respond to what you are drumming.



Full Moon in Capricorn


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