Oct 23 - Nov 21



Astro portrait

by Sanja Kljaic

Alchemical Eyes: a reading for Scorpio


The material world progresses through the process of creation and destruction; life refines itself by its own motion, and creation can’t take place without destruction. There are no exceptions; it is a proven and indisputable fact.

And so, speaking about creation and destruction, we enter the habitat of Scorpio.

From ancient times, it has been known that Scorpio focuses on deep personal regeneration. Their metal is Magnet, their stone Topaz; their color is red. As Scorpio is the eighth sign, it allocates with the eighth division of the human body, which contains the organs of procreation.

Before all else, Scorpio rules over the sexual force located within the subtle body and represents a tight bond between Divinity and a specific mysterious phenomenon of love: starting with erotic love, which is the root of all love.

Erotic love has its roots in the very nature of Divinity. Seeing it this way, one could say that our souls are self-manifestation and self-reflection of the tantric universe that is pulsating in nature. The archetype of Scorpio is teaching us how to instinctively feel this energy, to let go into love, to bridge a gap between raw experience and synthetic description.

Naturally, sexual powers are a creative faculty, and making love means making energy. Its function is twofold: the first is to generate life, renew vitality and supply the body and brain with proper powers, and the second is to produce children.

As astrology teaches us, Mars and Pluto rule over Scorpio. Mars is the source of self in action, the energy that creates and builds up, and Pluto is the source of self in destruction, the energy that tears down.

In ancient mythology, Pluto received the rule of the underworld. He fell madly in love with Proserpina, forcefully abducted her, and took her to the underworld to be his wife. He allowed Proserpine to return to earth on the first day of spring so that the planet could bloom and grow in abundance.

Pluto’s role is to deepen each one of us by dredging up from the subconscious mind that which has been written there in the genetic codes. In our human psychology, the underworld represents the subconscious mind, and Pluto represents the provoker that willingly rips into our pasted-down projections and conditionings. With Pluto, we descend into our nothingness and examine for ourselves the foundations of all possible experiences.

At a cursory glance, the natives of this sign may appear receptive and accommodating; inside, they are seething, like a volcano ready to erupt! Scorpios are about winning battles; there is a war conquest somewhere and various challenges that need to be overcome.

Scorpio looks at things through alchemical eyes to make sense out of life and to find the sharpest sliver of truth. These mystics, properly speaking, are not afraid to go where angels fear to tread; they plumb the depths so that they can attain the heights.

They are known to possess an infinite reserve of patience; they play the game with no thought of victory, which is half the secret of playing most games of importance. 

They see into people’s souls, the real you – your dark and your light and when they hold you, they hold you so that they can feel your heart.

And so, with this image in mind, we will leave you to meditate over some beautiful verses of poetry written by one of our favorite poets, Rumi.

The archetype of Scorpio is teaching us how to to let go into love, to bridge a gap between raw experience and synthetic description.

Poem by Rumi

Precious soul, do not delay
embark on the wondrous journey
to the sea of meaning!

Remember, you have passed through many stages
do not resist, surrender to the journey.
Wash your wings from the earth's clay
and follow the trail of those before you.

With every breath, from left and right, the voice
of Love is calling.
Heart, be considerate
soul, be tolerant
patience, run if you cannot bear grief
reason, go and play your childish games.
One moment you stumble against a mountain
the next you fall into a river.

When you feel your soul contracting
know it is for your own good
allow not your heart to burn with grief.
In times of expansion, you spend
and this expenditure requires
an income of painful soul searching.
If it was always summer, the roots would burn
and the gardens would never become green.
Winter seems bitter but it is also kind.
When contraction comes, my friend,
behold the expansion within
be cheerful, do not complain.
You may be dark as iron
but keep polishing your heart
until it becomes like a mirror
reflecting images from the unseen.

Sits in silence, and then ask again, 
Where are you in all of this?
You know this already. I’ll stop.
Any direction you turn it is one vision.




Halloween. On this day, the veil between the physical and spiritual world is its thinnest. The spirits of our loved ones cross over and walk among us. Show them your love by lighting a candle and by bringing some flowers into your home.



Taurus lunar eclipse. Taurus is a gardener that grows beauty and abundance. Notice your earthly possessions and be grateful for all you've built. Indulge in the sense. Self-care is non-negotiable. Smell the flowers. Embrace someone you love.



Happy Diwali! In Hinduism, Diwali symbolizes the spiritual "victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance." Through patience and perseverance, clear away the things of the past year and light the way forward.


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