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by Sanja Kljaic

In me arose the whole world: In me exists the All. In me, it passes.

We bring you today into the soulful and fantasy-fueled universe of Pisces.

Pisces, the last of the signs, is represented by two fishes bound by a cord. Her metal is tin, her stone aquamarine, her color is light green.

At birth, this position of the Sun gives these natives a controversial presence. As Pisces is a feminine and, therefore, negative sign, it has to do with the basic creative substance. She is the dark night, the profound void of limitless Nirvana that holds within itself the intense powers of light, the secrets, and the forces of all life.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on what this means.

In the realm of Pisces, where this story takes place, everything is cloaked in apprehension. Everything communicates, but nothing is clear. This is because the ancients have assigned Pisces the 12th house, the end of the zodiac so that it can deal with the Origin of life—the beginning. And where is the beginning? That point beyond Time and Space we call the Origin, the great cosmic womb that precedes creation.

In the original religion of the Great Mother, ancient women always knew that the mystery of earthly life has its origins in water.  Before a child is born, the water flows out of the raptured womb. The womb (Cancer), reproductive force (Scorpio), and the waters within the mother’s womb (Pisces) are condensed experiences of the cosmos. At birth, many forget this undivided world, Pisces, being firmly grounded in the seas, never lose sight of the cosmic connection with the Origin they came from.

One of the thoughts that can arise when discovering Pisces is Neptunian alchemy.

The atmosphere of Neptune is an energetic membrane between our different lives, a place where we get a little lost and, at the same time, where we find ourselves. A magical place where Alice descends into a dream and falls into a rabbit hole that sends her into the mysterious land of Wonderland. Artists, musicians, writers, and other creatives gain the best advantage of this energy. They transform the Neptunian forces into bright, fascinating worlds of illusions.

Before something is fully formed (Saturn), it is first formless (Neptune). When we act, we give form to the otherwise formless and ideal and, in doing so, fulfill our destiny. Hence the noble verse from the Vedas:

In me arose the whole world: In me exists the All. In me, it passes.

Pisces, the pure artist, has a particular way of seeing life. They seek with heartfelt love, and their whole quest is ardently imbued with the feeling of devotional love for something that transcends our selfish interests. Art, for them, is a method of levitation. Pisces is not concerned with the object or the form but with how it is produced, the energetic exchange. Art is not a product; it is a process.

When the Sun passes through the stars that form the Pisces constellation, we are collectively reminded to dream a little dream. To escape into the fertile void of emptiness so we can fuse more with our Soul. There, the drop unites within the ocean, and the ocean within the drop.

Naturally, dreaming and imagining involves wondering and exploring the scattered parts of our Souls that have become divided in this physical universe. Pisces invites us to explore these dispersed fragments, to break our boundaries, and to dream because a steady diet of realism would dampen anyone’s imagination.

One has only to read Anaïs Nin’s creative, insightful writing to realize the truth of this statement. As astrology teaches us, Pisces is described as sensitive, compassionate, and empathetic. While this is true, it is true only on the level of ordinary description. It is no longer true on the level of the highest type of mystical experience of this archetype.

Undeniably, Pisces delights us in ways that are touchingly human. They are gentle and kindly in thought and deed. However, never take Pisces’s kindness for weakness. By contrast, bear in mind that Pisces, in their past lives, has travelled the world in all the other signs. Consequently, it is not un-warned to suppose that Pisces can break their boundaries, shift shape at will and summon up qualities from all the archetypes of the zodiac. They see without eyes, hear without ears, and speak without words, and if the situation demands it, the fishes will unleash their ferocity like a Tsunami.

What’s more, thanks to Jupiter, their ancient ruler, they come forth with an insane amount of emotional strength and a wild amount of luck. It is almost as if someone above and within is guiding and protecting them on their journey.

And so, if ever, at any time, a Pisces swims into your life. Lucky you! Consider this an omen. When they randomly pull a disappearing act and swim away, their mission with you is complete.


As we are collectively swimming in the realm of Pisces, where all senses merge into one, we invite you to connect to the 12th house of your human psyche. This is the subconscious realm, the original religion of the Great Mother.

Find some time in the day when you can be undisturbed. Now focus on the two energies within you, the masculine-conscious and the feminine-subconscious.

Call forth the feminine energy.

Her soft and elusive abundance merges to greet you.

Be gentle, hug her, and thank her for the work she has been doing.

She is your subconscious mind, the vast and limitless emptiness of ether that must be acknowledged.

Your subconscious mind is paradoxical and visionary.

Devoted to her passion of loving and being loved, of feeling and being felt.

Devoted to the art of existing.

Allow her to transport you into her land of Utopia.

As you interact through this divine introspection, many mysteries will be revealed to you.

You will be able to call forth cellular memory so that you can tap into the skills and talents

from previous lives.

They will come through flashes of intuition, sometimes in fragments and sometimes as dreams or daydreams.

You may affirm to yourself the following words:

“I call forth the cellular memory from my subconscious mind into the light of my conscious mind.”

The more you redirect your attention to her, the more you will be able to see beyond the veil.

If you are wondering, why is it necessary to obtain these realizations and how are our past life memories applicable to this life, the answer to this is the following:

The Past informs the present. We exist within our Soul in every life and in every moment of our life.




The Virgo full moon asks for order and clarity. Consciously spend some time with the Earth and feel her love. Earth yourself with root vegetables. They are feminine and full of negative ions which is calming to the gut, the mind, and the nervous system.



On this day, we walk with the archetype of Hypatia, the Lady Philosopher of Alexandria. She was one of the greatest resurrectors of the mysterious knowledge. If you want to fall in love with her, we recommend the film Agora.



Happy day Henrik Ibsen! Ibsen was the father of modern theatre. His plays were controversial. He lived in the 19th century, was a feminist, and fought for women's rights. Others were outraged, of course.


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