We exist to inspire transcendental purchasing. We want your entire being to resonate with our design, culture and story.

Child of Wild is a brand that spiritually activates your need for jewelry with meaning and soul. We love jewelry that feels ancient and powerful. Talismans that activate past life memories or represent today’s purpose. ____________________________________________ At our core, we have strong moral ground on which we stand and we aren’t afraid to carve it in stone. We relentlessly search for authentic, culturally laden jewelry that has a history, strong artistic voice, sustainably made and ethically purchased. Our bespoke packaging is recyclable and crafted with love all to inspire a deeply-felt purchasing experience. We do not metal smith, we curate. You are the art collector, buying from real artists, developing your own gallery.

Consciously Cool

“The foremost reason that artists create, and the rest of us value their art, is because art forms a priceless living bridge between the everyday psychology of our minds and the universal spirit of humanity.”

We are the storytellers. We are a portal to other cultures and worlds. The vehicle for you to connect to your inner truth. We want you to feel that in wearing our gems, you have an armor of your own expression.

Consciously Cool

Child of Wild believes objects with past lives or cultural relevance have a depth that can be felt. Fewer quality possessions that speak to your soul are what make your home and life fulfilled. Help bring the material world full circle and explore cultures and rituals that share the common thread of humanity.

Stay Enlightened

Giving Back


10% of all of our CowSkull proceeds to The Fund for Global Human Rights


100% percentage of sales from our Middle Eastern Lapis Necklace + a percentage of our Middle Eastern collection to the IRC and Save The Children for Syrian Refugees.


$300 "Outside The Lens" to support art and education to youth through media.

$1000 Standing Rock in the prevention of the Dakota Pipeline


$2,700 to NRDC


$800 to Wildlife Conservation Network

$800 to NRDC

$800 to NAMI - National Alliance to Mental Illness


$3,770 NRDC to protect and fight for our environment and animal rights.

$511.55 Amazon Conservation to help the devastating Amazon Fires.


$685 to NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades Donations Fund in support of the devastating Australian Fires.

$100 to American Indian Education Fund

$500 to Know Your Rights Camp in support of ending racial injustice.

$1,000 to the ACLU Foundation in support of ending racial injustice.

$1,500 NAACP Empowerment Program in support of ending racial injustice.

$500 to the Committee to Protect Journalists in support free and unfettered press.

$1,500 to Unicorn Riot in support of ending racial injustice.

$11,250 - we made 75x Essential Worker GiftBoxes ($150 retail cost) full of jewelry, coffee, crystals, candles and a love note sent to nurses and medical professionals to uplift spirits of frontline workers during the COVID pandemic.

$4,222 donated to Friends of the Earth: a charity organization fighting for sustainability and environmental rights.


$1500 - 25% of proceeds from our Yin Yang Collection will to "Stop AAPI Hate": a nationwide organization that tracks and responds to incidents of hate, violence, harassment, discrimination, shunning, and child bullying against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the United States.

$1000 Donated to PlannedParenthood in response to the attack on women's heath by the Texas Abortion Law

$500 to The American Indian Education Fund as an ongoing relationship to give back to our Indigenous communities

$3200 to WILD.org to support their efforts in helping our natural world flourish.


We annually make contributions to:

The American Indian Education Fund.

San Diego Food Bank

Jewelry to silent auctions and raffles across the US for various charities



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A little slice of white textural heaven. Our little Shoppe is located in the heart of Leucadia, California surrounded by the ocean and on the iconic Hwy 101.

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