How were handling COVID-19

We are shipping M/W/F only
As COVID-19 pandemic is affecting us all, we wanted to let you know of the measures we are taking to keep you and our employees safe in this challenging time. 
We are strictly following the OSHA guidelines for safety and cleanliness. 
We love you and hope you are safe and healthy. Take this time to go within and be still.
This is a reset for humanity and for our mother earth.

First: 95% of our office is able to work from home. We have a 2000sf warehouse and only ONE person is allowed in at a time. Our Fulfillment Manager is the only one in the warehouse with the exception of dropping off jewelry or mail from time to time from other staff. 

Second: Our fulfillment employees are all dolled up in gloves and wearing a mask to pack all orders. We're requiring that all staff use metal-safe cleaning solution to wipe down any jewelry that gets handled at any point & in any way. 

Third: We're requiring that all staff wipe down all counters, doorknobs, bathrooms and so on immediately after contact. Wiping down each station at the start of the day, throughout the day, and at the end of the day. 

Fourth: We have a very strict rule if any sign of health issues arise in our employees they are immediately restricted from any work involving inventory handling. 

As of Monday, March 16th we started extreme social distancing and every employee was asked to work from home in isolation with the exception of our Fulfillment Manager who is shipping orders. 
Our loyal clients are all the lifeblood to both our Online Store and our Encinitas, CA shoppe. 
We as a company do not plan to disrupt anyone of our core office employees pay. We will continue to work at the best of our abilities. 
If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions about cleanliness please email We are well versed with the need to flatten the curve. It is our goal to work in a safe and controlled environment for our employees and customers while simultaneously keeping the economy going.
Please keep us in mind when you plan to support Small Business. If its through a Gift Card, an online order, an instagram repost or even a positive google or yelp review.