Lima Multi Charm Necklace


18 Inches

220 USD

The romantic and eclectic multi charm necklace of your dreams. Adorned with 13 unique charms on a glistening gold link chain. The charms include a small horseshoe, Saint Christopher, tear-drop cz, feather, Mother Mary, cz cross, Milagros heart, butterfly, small heart, cz star, dagger, sun, and circle cz. Named after the Treasure of Lima, which is known to be one of the most famous and ancient missing treasures in the world. In 1820, the city of Lima in Peru was on the brink of a revolution and upheaval, so as a precaution, the city made the decision to transport its wealth to Mexico for safekeeping and security. The treasures included an abundance of jewels, stones, gold, and 2 famous life-size solid gold statues of Mother Mary. To this day the treasure has yet to be found.

✦ Link chain measures 18 inches / 18K Gold Overlay

✦ Horseshoe / 14K GF

✦ Saint Christopher  / 14K GF

✦ Tear-drop CZ  / 24K GP

✦ Angel wing  / Bronze

✦ Virgin Guadalupe / 14K GF

✦ CZ Cross measures / 24K GP

✦ Milagros Heart  / Bronze

✦ Butterfly / 14K GF

✦ Small Heart / Bronze

✦ CZ Star / 24K GP

✦ Dagger  / Bronze

✦ Sun / 14K GF

✦ Circle CZ / 14K GF

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Care Commandments

1. Thou Shalt bathe bare: Late Night swims & skinny dips are for you, not your jewels.__________ 2. Thou Shalt mind the chemistry: Precious metals & porous gems (such as turquoise) shalt not vibe with ammonia, chlorine, & other chemical solvents found in cleaners, perfumes, & Lotions. __________ 3. Thou Shalt Buff with Love: Polish with a 100% cotton cloth or a special jewelry cleaning cloth. __________ 4. Thou shalt put an X on the O: always keep your gems in a closed box or baggy to prevent oxidation and tarnishing. __________ 5. Thou shalt be easy, baby: vintage and hand-made gems are fragile. please wear with care.

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Our 14k Gold-Filled extenders attach to the jump ring, the opposite side of the clasp on your necklace.

Add 3 inches Dainty Chain 6.00 USD
Add 3 inches Wide Chain 8.00 USD

About this Design

CW Designs A collection of original designs by Child of Wild. We travel the world sourcing unique symbols, totems and historical designs to recreate into jewelry. View the collection

About this Metal

Gold Overlay is a multi-layered plating process created by layers of Gold deposit, using different Karats of Gold and other elements. With a Recycled Jewelers Brass core, this process then uses Copper as a primer base to cover imperfections and bring out the shine. A layer of pure 24k Gold seals the base metal, then a thickest layer of 18k Gold, and then lastly a third layer of 22k gold ( which has a rich gold shade this jewelry is known for). At the end of the process, the equivalent amount of gold deposited into the layers is 5% or more of the total weight of the piece, making it comparable to Gold-Filled. Our Gold Overlay 100% recyclable and our Gold is sourced exclusively from ethical sources. Free of Lead, Nickel, and Cadmium. This process yields demi-fine jewelry with long-lasting lifespan durability, given proper care and wear. Suggested Wear: to prolong the luster of your Gold-Layered jewelry be careful of hard water exposure, chemicals in shampoos, ocean salt water, chlorine in pools, heavy metals from sweat. 18K GL jewelry should last you years, but we do suggest maintaining attentive care practices.