Aug 23rd - Sep 22nd



Astro portrait

by Sanja Kljaic

In ancient times, Virgo, as an immortal, lived and walked amongst humans in their Golden Age and taught their tribal leaders the universal laws of nature and how to practice them

According to classical Greek Mythology, during this time, Earth provided food in abundance and people lived like gods without sorrow of heart, free from toil and grief. 

This view, which identifies Virgo as the earthly Maiden of Plenty, is a symbol of abundance in the harvest. Virgo’s position indicates discipline, she reaps the fruits of her planting by gathering the wheat and putting what she has gleaned to very good use. 

The most occult book of all, the Bible, puts it this way “for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." This, in and of itself validates what we, as readers, know to be true: much effort results in much prosperity. With Virgo, astrologically and psychologically the Law of Compensation is in operation. A garden requires patient labor, plants thrive because someone tends to them. 

Virgo is a trigger to our own inner, untapped wisdom of things as they are. She is teaching us that prolonged effort and acquired experience, won in the labor of life, will make us very prudent, and prudence united with wisdom will safely lead us to a higher level of attainment. 

In Virgo, Mercury stands for the in-drawing of forces. She preserves her energies, perfects her methods, and brings talents and skills into focus. In her pursuit of perfection and inner reflection, Virgo radiates confident humility, having faith in her strengths, while also being aware of her weaknesses, knowing what she doesn’t know, and having trust in what she does. 

When it comes to the language written or spoken, Virgo’s recognition of quality is exceptional. It is evident that those born under this sign know how to think with emotions and feel with the intellect. They don’t mind being seen as language activists because that's what they are; they are clear and concise, and we are not left in doubt as to their meaning. In very truth, they possess keen perception and in the most literal sense, some of them are fascinated by the vocabulary of all the "ex" words: express, explain, expose, exclaim, examine, exalt.

To mentally register the full meaning of the Virgo archetype, one ought to consider the following words: analytical reasoning. To analyze, to think, to reason, is to unite meanings, words, ideas, and images into a coherent whole, with the purpose of understanding, knowing, or looking for solutions.

When the complete significance of these words is realized, it will perhaps be clear as to why the ancients have assigned the winged Maiden to rule over the intestinal tract where energies from thoughts and foods are assimilated. We don’t store energy in the brain, we store energy in the abdominal area.

Earth is her element; she appreciates the creations of nature and the natural order of things.

Bearing in mind this image, we would like to invite you to link up with the starry vibration of Virgo and ask yourself several questions:

What can I do this moment, this day, this week to help myself?

And how can I be of service to others?

In the coming days, find some time where you can consciously place both hands over your abdominal area.

Intestines are like batteries and your navel marks - where the umbilical cord used to be.

This is where we fed and depended on our mother for nourishment.

As you breathe into this area, visualize a golden light coming through your brain, your spine, and through the palms of your hands.

Feel your palms stretched out on your belly and in your mind’s eye observe as this area is replenished with warmth.

Every thought instantaneously reaches the abdominal area, and the intestinal tract directly reflects the state of the body.

Fill your thoughts with gratitude for the good things that are around you.
In your sweet eyes, you are deserving of your own awe and respect.




Full Moon in Pisces. We are asked “to see a world in a grain of sand” to show genuine humility before everything because divinity is in all that surrounds us. I can learn from an insect, and I can learn from a master.



Hildegarde of Bingen’s day. She lived in the 12th century, created her own language, wrote music, made medicine from herbs, and healed people. Her works include Scivias, Causae et Curae, and Physica.



In honor of Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring equinox in the Southern Hemisphere, we send you many blessings, well wishes, and love!


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  3. Salvador Dalí — ‘The Madonna of Port Lligat’ (1949)

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