Nov 22 - Dec 21



Astro portrait

by Sanja Kljaic

The continuous desire for freedom is one thread that weaves throughout humanity’s history. More specifically, freedom from fear. The archetype of Sagittarius points to this dimension of life.

People born under Jupiter's influence fear nothing.

In short, this is because Sagittarius natives don’t live their lives floating two feet off the ground with translucent wings; they are firmly here, ready to leap forth with a drawn bow, sharply aimed towards their mark.

Sagittarius swiftly perceives all of that which relates to the higher mind. As Sagittarius is also associated with speech, it would be safe to say that their speech is as direct as their symbolic arrow.

Great ideas fructify within them so vigorously that they are compelled to colonize and conquer things physically. The Archer aims his arrow at a target, for he aspires to attain knowledge over vast areas - this exhilarates them.

It is curious and fascinating to learn that with Sagittarius, opposites blend together– animal and human nature. Its symbol is the Centaur, a mythological being having the body of a horse with the head, neck, and arms of a man. Their metal is Tin, their stone Blue Topaz; their color is purple.

Their element is mutable fire, meaning Sagittarius natives don’t have time for ineffectual activity. They are adaptable to changing circumstances and will go from one place to another, enthusiastically moving from project to project.

They live fiercely and love unapologetically; they jump, fall, and soar. And just like the fairy-tale heroes, whatever trials and obstacles are unpleasant, they overcome them easily.

Their motto is: no faffing about - one has to learn and develop and be willing to take risks.

The ancients have assigned confident, faith-filled Sagittarius to rule over the ninth house of our human psychology. This is the house where we learn to be aware of the world and bring a colorful eagerness to anything that requires initiative and fortitude.

We innovate, interact, and put theory into practice because true innovation involves experimentation.

When we look at Sagittarius from a mystical point of view, we observe the unity of the trinity: material - horse body; the soul - human body; and the spirit - arrow. For Sagittarius, all the gods and goddesses represent Nature-forces and fundamental spiritual principles, for one is but the observer of the other.

Naturally, dear reader, as you can see, we cannot fail to be struck by the fiery arrows of the Archer. Moreover, if we observe them closely, we notice that the dreams of Sagittarius are constantly scrutinized by Jupiter's intelligent logic and compelling curiosity.

Jupiter, its ruler, is truly Osiris of the Egyptians, and whatever Jupiter touches, he expands or causes to increase. Sounds like a party, right? It is!

And so, since the archetype of Sagittarius rightfully earned a reputation for fearlessness, we would like to invite you to move into connection with this intelligence. In your meditation, you may take your thoughts to the following confirmations:

Sagittarius is a daughter of Jupiter. She is half and half; half-human, half-beast with a 'human' mother and a 'spirit' father.


I feel myself capable of understanding that healing the collective requires becoming the collective.
Somehow intuitively, I know there is no difference between you and me, the sun and the moon, the cause and the effect, and us and the Creator.
The lake is smooth. The sky is blue, and the mountain reflects on the inside.
All is an extension of myself, and we are an extension of Prime Creator.
Every one of us has a rich story to tell, and we all strive to achieve peace, blessings, and joy.
I now desire not just my own needs, but also that the needs of others are happy and fulfilled as well. For those who are in need, may they find help. For the hearts that are broken, may they mend. For the hands that are empty, may they have them filled.
May we find ourselves as a collective grounded in a deep belief that all life is interconnected and unified.
May we continue to be fearless in love and courageous in our giving.
Because there is no greater freedom than the freedom to love, and there is no greater joy than the joy that comes from it.




New Moon in Sagittarius. What are you searching for? Your mission, your goals, your philosophy, your inner truth. Whatever you are searching for, may it give meaning to your life.



Happy Birthday, Mr. Walt Disney! Disney could imagine and tap into the collective unconscious to see what the world needs. What does the world need? Fairy tales. Disney holds the record for most individual Oscar wins 22.



Full Moon in Gemini. In which house do you have a Gemini? This is where you are clever, verbal, and skillful. Being Mercurial, Gemini seeks to understand and speak about feelings simply and convincingly.


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