March 19th - April 19th



Astro portrait

by Sanja Kljaic

This month we journey into the realm where the life force of Aries draws its breath.

To begin with, throughout the year, the fiery Sun passes through the twelve houses of heaven, where it performs elaborate rituals and holy processes. Mystics have traced fire worship back to early Lemuria. Even if it was beyond our ancestor’s ability to analyze it, instinctively, they could have recognized that the flame resembles the vibrant, volatile, and fiery Light within the souls. 

With Aries, a new surge of fiery solar energy infuses the Earth. Aries is the courage and passion that burns in our soul, an instinctual warrior that directs their will into decisive action. 

Like all archetypes, Aries dwells in our psyche despite our conscious attitudes toward it. Their metal is iron. Their stone is red jasper. Their color is red.

Aries, like Scorpio, is about winning wars and overcoming obstacles. Scorpio is about an inner battle, and Aries is about the outer battle. The instinctual energy of the Aries warrior is a stance toward life that energizes and motivates; action leads to friction, and this friction leads to striving. The warrior in them is always alert. Always awake, never sleeping throughout life. There is only one direction for the natives of this sign, and that is: forward. 

Their visionary minds are very much awake too. Aries is always ready to conjure up ideas at the drop of a witch's hat. They loathe imitations and once having done something; they don't want to repeat it. Well, then, so it goes without saying, don't meddle in the affairs of the Aries unless you want to witness the disasters of war in Goya's paintings.* 

We believe this view has much truth; however, we don't identify with aggressiveness, quite the opposite. The loyal inner warrior spirit of our ancestors has built the nations of today, and so the eagerness to defend and extend is deeply rooted in our genetic codes and universally present in all of us. 

It is true Aries find their power very early in life. This power is most likely connected to an early life crisis where they needed to develop resourcefulness and independence quickly. Sigmund Freud's concept of 'sublimation' relates well to this idea: we are not born with courage; we take destructive, harmful energies and transmute them into an opportunity for growth. In other words, we develop courage through a deep process of crisis. 

As an initiatory of individuality, Aries is not afraid to be honest with themselves, to stumble upon what irritates them, and to learn lessons. However uncomfortable, their life experiences are all initiations, a step towards learning many valuable things in life. For Aries, nothing can substitute experience, that’s why Aries lives beautifully, imperfectly, and wildly in continuous movement building and moulding their character on their terms.  

The horns of Mars are hard to crack. A Mars-ruled person forever believes with all their heart. Even when failing, they get up again to try once more. Nothing keeps them down permanently, failure least of all. Likewise, in love affairs – when they love, they strive to become better, when they strive to become better everything around them becomes better too. 

In ancient lore, this sign is said to be the first house, the house of the Head. Through intellect, we encounter the powers of reasoning and gain control over the ordering of our world. Aries is teaching us that through the conscious Mind, we have access to the power of controlling, directing, and governing our lives. 

This realization gives us the firmness to follow our destinies. It allows us to organize our world for our greatest good and the good of others. When our inner world is in order, our physical body is in order too. A well-known Latin motto ‘mens sana in corpore sano'* seems appropriate here. 

* Francisco Goya (Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Aries) was a painter. A lot of his paintings are war-like.

* Mens sana in corpore sano often translated as ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’

Meditating on astrological signs attunes us to the inner wisdom offered continually by Spirit.

And so, as we leave behind the soft subconscious realm of Pisces, we move, with full force, into the conscious realm of Aries.

If you are facing a difficult challenge where thoughts seem erratic, and your body seems undisciplined, we invite you to meditate on Aries in order to connect with the currents of determination and courage.

 Meditating on astrological signs attunes us to the inner wisdom offered continually by Spirit. Set strong boundaries and take some time away from others.

  Journey within.


 Using your mind’s eye, call forth the divine masculine energy that dwells within you. Imagine this energy shifting into a form of a being. This being is the Aries, the Ram, the supreme leader of personality.

 As you walk steadily towards it, you begin to truly notice how powerful this celestial beast is. Spend some time in his presence. Converse. Exchange ideas. Feel his Holy Presence like a pulse within the heart. As you do this you are infusing your mind with an Arian atmosphere.

With every breath, try to feel into the energy of enthusiasm, youthfulness, aliveness, straightforwardness, strong willed-ness. Feel this from the place of the “in,” “within,” “inside”.

 At this moment, you are harnessing the power of the Ram, and soon you will feel energized by the power of the Mars vibration. 




Happy birthday, Andrei Tarkovsky! The cinematic poetry of Tarkovsky is imbued with imagery that stuns the viewer both visually and emotionally. We heartily recommend his aesthetically transcendent films.



New Moon in Aries



National pet day. The most beautiful day. Would you agree? We invite you to contemplate the helping paw that blessed your life and the love it imprinted on your soul.


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