Isis Goddess of Magic Necklace


16 Inches

96 USD

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Daughter of the Earth and Sky, wife of Osiris, and mother of Horus, Isis was one of the most important goddesses of all Egyptian mythology. She is the feminine archetype for creation, magic, and wisdom. Hand-carved in wax and cast in brass, this pendant is intended to reconnect the wearer with their inner goddess and innate healing and mystical powers.

✦ Chain measures 16 inches with 2 inch extender / 18K Gold Plated Sterling 

✦ Pendant measures 2cm x 2.5cm (including loop) / 3-Microns Thick 18K Gold Plated over Brass

Handmade by JUNO in Barcelona, Spain

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Our 14k Gold-Filled extenders attach to the jump ring, the opposite side of the clasp on your necklace.

Add 3 inches Dainty Chain 6.00 USD
Add 3 inches Wide Chain 8.00 USD

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About this Metal

We only carry thicker micron plated jewelry. This plating quality is very different than thin "Decorative Gold Plating" that is commonly used on cheaper jewelry. A .99% pure, high karat gold is electronically magnetized and bonded to a base metal. We only carry electro-plated jewelry which it allows for larger chains + pendants with more surface area to be high quality but more economical than Gold-Filled. Suggested Wear: to prolong the quality of your plated jewelry be careful of hard water exposure, chemicals in shampoos, ocean salt water, chlorine in pools, heavy metals from sweat. Plated jewelry should be for occasional wear only.