Issue 03: Abundance pt II

In this Issue we wanted to explore what true Abundance looks like. What we explore is that Abundance does not come from monetized concepts of happiness. Soulless things or false idols, a need for them is driven by ego or insecurity. We are often sold an idea without discerning of our soul's true + natural needs. 
Part II: Abundance of Leisure
The Abundance of leisure is freedom from time: to lay and get lost in stacks of stories told by creative minds.
Not to be held down by the constructs of time.
Time to roam, travel, and play with nothing to do. True Abundance is watching sunrises and sunsets. Casually taking in nourishment from the ebbs and flows of sunlight to moonlight. 

To be slow enough to partake in the natural pulse of the earth, watch flowers grow, and bask in the natural beauty of this world.

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